Savia Pontellas

A lavish red head and a part of Sharn's political council.


She was first encountered by the party to say thanks for stopping the Order of the Emerald Claw attack. She had paid them a decent sum of money and asked Gerit for help by mysteriously whispering to him on her way out.

Since then he had rescued her from one of her brothels in the Firelight District. The Boromar clan had hired several hobgoblin thugs who got aid from an ogre as well. She since asked for help retrieving an item for a magical item, rumored to be cursed.

That item was held at a vault in a branch of The Bank of Sharn. Long story short, the players declined the offer but have recently come under ownership of the item after shooting it from the hands of a Boromar Halfling during the Wildnight incident.


Savia Pontellas

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